The summer in Sofia


The temperatures of 35 degrees are a regular phenomenon in in the city of Sofia in summer 2013. Could that be a reason for the tourists to miss the trip that they have scheduled for the capital of Bulgaria of there is a still a way to combine the sweltering heats with a tourist tour of the city?

Surely the summer heats are a test for the tourists. Only the bravest of them can deal with the high temperatures and despite of this spend the holydays sightseeing in Sofia. This on one hand may sound real nice, but on the other can be very risky for our health. Specialists from all areas of study advise us constantly how to manage with the high temperatures.

The doctors tell us do drink lots of liquids, to stay away from caloric food, to wear hat and to reduce the physical activities.

The meteorologists remind us every day to reduce the exposure to direct sun light, to watch the weather forecast, and to stay at home form 11am till 5 pm.

The big stores invite us to equip our homes with the latest air conditioners and fans, which will create a cool and pleasant atmosphere.

The Hotel apartments provide their clients with combination of these tips. If you decide to stay in such an apartment you can count on an air-condition installation which will give you the feeling that you are in a cool oasis right in the heart of Sofia, near all of the destinations that you have chosen to see.

While you are waiting for the weather to cool off you can prepare yourself a low-fat meal in the fully equipped kitchen or you can just mix a refreshing summer drink.  In the evening, when you go out you will discover the beauty of Sofia at night. Especially after 8pm the city alives, the streets are crowded with people and that is how you can taste the real city spirit.

Staying in a hotel apartment makes us a real part of the city and gives us the possibility to try from his high-speed pace even in the hot days. The hotels are taking that pleasure away from us as the set a clear barrier between the tourist and the local people. Fortunately, we found the solution to combine  the pleasure with the useful and that solution is given by the hotel apartments.