Top 5 souvenirs to buy from Sofia


            All of us have been faced with the same problem – you are a tourist in a foreign country and you want to buy something typical, something that would remind you about the interesting culture that you have come to know. Well, if you are visiting Bulgaria, you are quite lucky, because you will see that the Bulgarian culture gives you plenty of opportunities that you can take with you for your home and that would be unique for the Bulgarian habits. That is why we summarized the entire tourist’s information for souvenirs and made a list with the top 5 most interesting souvenirs that you can buy from Sofia.

            Let’s start with maybe the most popular known fact about Bulgaria – Bulgaria is one of the best producers of Rose oil. The region, called “The Rose valley” is located south from the Balkan Mountains. The rose industry there has been developing for centuries and produces 85% of the world’s rose oil. Among the tourists all the cosmetics like shampoos, perfumes and soaps made of rose oil are quite famous and are definitely in the “to do list for shopping in Sofia”. You would probably say “What is interesting about that since everybody knows about it?”. Well the answer is simple: “Have you ever heard about a jam made of Rose oil?”

             The Bulgarian Rose Jam dates back from the 1700s and it is something that you can find only in Bulgaria. It is authentic and traditional and is one of the top 5 souvenirs that we suggest you to buy. Even if you don’t visit the valley itself we can tell you a secret – you can still buy Rose jam from Sofia. And also in like 5 minute from the ALEGRA and HIGH TECH apartments there are cute little traditional stores that can offer you that famous jam.

             It is time for the second suggestion that we have prepared for you. Have you ever heard Bulgarian national music? Maybe not, because it is not part of the MTV daily program. But even so the richness of the Bulgarian folklore is infinite. The Bulgarian music uses wide range of instruments – gaida, kaval, tambura and many others. So our advice for you is to become part of the Bulgarian folklore – buy a CD with typical Bulgarian music (if you get a video CD you will also be able to witness the beauty of the Bulgarian folklore dances). Here is a link of one of the most famous Bulgarian folklore song groups - .

             When people hear the word “cheese” they by default associate it with France. Well, France is really famous with its different cheese types, but let’s be honest – their cheese doesn’t smell quite well. Bulgarian’s white on the other hand is very tasty, smells well is also very popular for our region. And here is an interesting fact – Bulgarians actually put grated cheese on top of their French fries. Very near to our apartments you will also find small farm shops where producers of dairy products sell their authentic white cheese. The following link is to one of these shops: . So what we say is – why don’t you bring home some white Bulgarian cheese to share with your relatives?

             Up until now you have receive some tips about the Bulgarian food. But if you came to Bulgaria, liked so much the Bulgarian dishes that you would want to learn how to cook them in your own house – well you should definitely take back with you as a souvenir a Bulgarian cookbook. Find the nearest bookstore to your apartment and buy it. Here is one possibility for you: 

             We gave you four suggestions for now and we are left with the final one. If you are a sports fan and, to be more precise, – if you are a football fan, then you should definitely have heard of the most famous Bulgarian football player nowadays – Dimitar Berbatov. What we actually offer you is to buy as a souvenir from the gift shops a football t-shirt of the Bulgarian national team with his number on it. His player’s number for the national team is 9 and the t-shirt looks like that:

             We hope that this article has helped you with the planning of your trip in Bulgaria.