Renting an apartment – the elegant way to travel


When you travel and come across the question of where to stay, the choice generally seems easy “I will book a room at the hotel I stayed in last time” or “My favorite hotel chain has a hotel in Sofia. I will book there because the standard is the same everywhere”.

That is how most people think and at the end all business trips and business meetings abroad go in the same fashion - business talks, organized business meetings and dinners in a restaurant.

Business trips should bring more positive emotions. The meetings, the conversations and the negotiations with the partners is what contributes for the successful conclusion of the deals. If you are in your own city, you would invite your partners for a dinner or a drink at your home, right? This would diffidently contribute for bringing the relationship with your partners to a whole new level.

Recently, we were discussing this aspect of the business with some customers of ours who shared that they have achieved much better result than the expected, just by having a dinner with their partners in the apartment they have rented.

And here again comes the question about the accommodation. It is always easier to chose something you are familiar with, but would you benefit if you strictly stick to the conventional? Because business is just like any other aspect of life – you need trust and communication to build it. And having the courage to offer something different to your customers is what distinguishes the successful business partners. And to be a successful business men, you have to show class not just in clothing, accessories and cars but also in the choices you make and in combining traditions and innovations.

Therefore, as people thinking out of the box we need to be flexible enough to elegantly overcome the difficulties in the business and do not follow only the conventional norms. The world around us is full of opportunities and the ones that are not the most obvious bring the biggest success. Particularly in the business.