Apartment instead of a hotel? Why not!


There is trip to Sofia ahead of you? You have to leave your cozy home and spend some time in a hotel or hostel? For sure there are worries whether everything with the trip will go well and whether the accommodation will meet your requirements. And if you travel with children you worry even more. However, you do not have to change so drastically the way of living you are used to and stress out your family. “How” you will ask. It is easy! Rent an apartment. You can have all the hotel facilities and much bigger space. You can cook your own food and to accommodate your children in a separate room and to do your work in the business corner of the room.

The apartment combines the convenience of hotel services with the cosiness of your home. This is definitely the best decision, if you want to provide only the best for you and your family, security and calmness in a good location during your stay in Sofia. You can have a completely furnished apartment, equipped with everything necessary for to make your stay as comfortable as in your own home.

The possibility to cook your own meals is also a plus. Thus you can meet the individual needs and preferences of your family and you can be sure that what your children will eat during your stay will be of highest quality. You will give them love and care because you will cook the food yourself in the comfortable kitchen.

Depending on your needs you can rent different size apartments, that would guarantee your comfortable and luxurious stay in the capital. When you are looking for comfort at a reasonable price, the best you can do is to book a serviced apartment. Review the apartments we offer in this website and select the one who meets your needs best. This will contribute for making your trip to Sofia nice and successful.